Yesterday, I watched the first episode of the currently running season of Mount Zion Film Production’s web series, Abejoye. For four years now, a new season of Abejoye meets us every December and this year, the season is longer than usual and would run for four weeks. TheContinue Reading

After living in (the site is down now, but all the contents have been moved here) for close to four years, I’m glad to announce that we’ve moved to our new site (pun intended). I’m really excited about the revamping of the blog. For some time I had beenContinue Reading

One of the cruelest jokes nature has on us is imparting on us a beauty that is apparent to all eyes except ours. Maybe the joke is not from nature, Maybe the joke is from our eyes Or the mirror we look into. Yes, it’s the mirror. Right from myContinue Reading