Folake awakened before her alarm rang, which was odd considering how tired she was when she slept. She woke up with a portion of scripture on her heart. What communion hath light with darkness? Folake squinted and got up from the bed. She picked Erin’s bible and searched out theContinue Reading

Folake was sipping on garri in her office when her phone started ringing. She ignored the call. She had a ton of reports to review and forward to Mr. Ekweremadu. She took a scoop of garri with a hand and scrolled through a document on her iPad with the other,Continue Reading

Goke slurped up a strand of the waterlogged noodles he cooked and chewed, humming a tune by Teni. Seun watched him and shook his head. “If you like shake your head from now till next year. I’m still the godfather of your child.” “Mo taka oshi danu.” Seun snapped hisContinue Reading

As soon as Folake entered her apartment, Cooper bounded towards her, hyperventilating and growling. He hopped on her and she smiled, ruffling his fur. She set Cooper down, put some food in its plate and went to her room, already kicking off her shoes. “Whew! What a day. Thank you,Continue Reading

Folake was on the bus to her Mum’s when Erin’s call came in. “Sister mi, how far?” Folake was too flustered to think of a presenting the news with some cushioning. “Tope is missing. I’m on my way to the house now.” Erin sighed over the phone. “I sensed somethingContinue Reading

Seun desperately needed a comeback to salvage the situation. He had to gather what was left of his dignity. He dialed FK again. “FK Money!” He hailed with unnecessary gusto. “Seun?” Seun laughed, a little too loud, a little too forced. “You got me there and you successfully frustrated myContinue Reading

“Pass am.” Seun husked to Goke, eyes bleary, legs swinging rhythmically from the window of an uncompleted building where they were seated. Goke passed the blunt to Seun. In the dark, the blunt could be seen from a distance as a weary ring of orange glow that receded with eachContinue Reading

Guys are generally happy. Almost always full of life and good vibes. These are things we see and say, and these statements indeed hold water. Laughter, drinks, fun, banter, drugs, pleasure; the surfaces on which most men float. And floating is attractive, floating is exhilarating. But that’s not all thereContinue Reading

Recently, I’ve been ruminating a lot about the general moral decadence of our generation and the way lines are blurring into oblivion. I randomly find myself worrying about what the standards will be like by the time we have children. Would standards even exist at all? And right in theContinue Reading