The day is finally upon us and I am very grateful to God for making this a reality. Over two years ago when I started writing the first chapter of Complete, I didn’t think it was going to be published as a book. I was just a bored writer on the toilet seat scribbling something on my brother’s system- because mine was faulty at the time. But here we are today.


Writing ‘Complete’ took me on a journey that I would love to relive over and over again. I got to a point in the process of writing this book where David, Edward, Lade, Moni and the other characters became to me as real as the people I could see. I could see strips of me in these characters, I could draw strength and hope from their sojourn, I could relate with their weaknesses and shortcomings. But hey, this has ceased being about me. I’m done writing the book and now, it’s about you. It’s my sincere prayer that this book will leave indelible marks on your mind and spirit. That in reading this book, you will find light and the very thing you need for your journey.


I have poured out my heart as a libation to God in this book. I hope it rises to the father as a sweet smelling savour, a fragrance of Christ. That this fragrance will go also unto those who are saved and unto those who are not, yet.


The synopsis of the story:

Complete follows the lives of four central characters and how they are intertwined. David lives the life of fun, crimes and ladies and it takes the most unexpected turns and burns to awaken him. Edward is a homeless man of many homes. Lost and wandering, confused and wondering how to piece the shards of his life back together. Moni’s heart is buckling under the weight of plaques and childhood traumas, she comes to a point of numbness where even death is not a threat. Lade has to take the tough journey of growth and actualization to become who she’s meant to be.

For some it comes quicker, for others it takes a long, winding journey before they come to see that completion lies only in Christ and that in Christ, they are complete. This compelling tale of love, transformation and thrills will take you on an unforgettable experience.


I published the blurb of the novel in this post.


For interested buyers in diaspora, Complete is available on Amazon. Both the e-book and the hardcopy. The e-book on Kindle goes for just $6, while the paperback goes for $9. Click here to access the e-book on Kindle. To get the paperback via Amazon, click here.


For those within Nigeria who want to purchase the e-book, it is available on Okadabooks click here to find it on Okadabooks. 1000.

Now for those in Nigeria who want to buy the paperback of the book, it will be available via different distribution channels depending on your location.

For those who are in Lagos or Abuja, you can purchase the book from Roving Heights. Here is the link to their website.

Those in Ibadan who want to purchase a copy should send a WhatsApp message to 08128511857.

In Saki, Oyo state, Complete will be available at Perazim, Ajegunle.

If you stay in any other place in Nigeria and you will love to purchase the paperback, kindly send a mail to .


After reading this novel, please leave a review on Okadabooks, write on your social media platforms and tag me, just spread the word, please. Thank you very much.


Also, I really feel like someone will go ahead to finish reading the book today and wake up tomorrow to hit me up with, ‘when is the next book coming?’. Please dear, let’s be guided. It took me over two years to write this one, take your time in reading it. I know the ‘don’t rush challenge’ is out of fad but please, don’t rush. Thank you. Lol.


Get your copy and enjoy.


All pictures used in this post were shot by Olatunde Moses (OluMose)


  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don’t rush me! Well done.
    Consider publishing at least this one in Audible also.
    The more the formats, the more the funds and the wider the reach.

  2. Please sir will you post it here on the blog?

  3. Please can the book be delivered as far as Owo in Ondo state?

    1. Author

      It’s not available in Owo for now. But you can get the softcopy from Okadabooks

      1. Okay, thank you.

  4. I have been seeing this novel everywhere and I have been trying to get it but all trial to no avail😄I pray there is a solution here….I stay in kwara there any available place to get it

  5. I’m new here but I’m loving it already. God bless you!

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