For those who are familiar with my twitter and Instagram, it’s no news that my first novel titled Complete, is set to be released later this month. Well, for those who didn’t know, now you do.
On the cover of the novel, Complete, we have four seasoned gospel writers share their thoughts after going through the manuscript. Let’s meet them and see what they have to say about the book.

Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye is a medical doctor and wife of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. She authored the book Gbemi which has now been adapted into a movie of the same title by the Mount Zion Film Productions. She has this to say about Complete: “Amazing and beautifully written. It will keep you glued from the very beginning until the last word.”

Ife Grace Dada is a Gospel blogger, screenwriter and author. She has authored a number of books including, Lekki Sisi, The Spring, The Reunion and Before We Got Married. She runs the blog, . “Goodness Adegbola’s novel exudes such beautiful blend of words and evokes a powerful flow of scriptures.”

Frederick Meliga, a clinical virologist and molecular scientist by profession is the author of the Christian blog and magazine, Dei Profundis. He blogs at . “An impressively interwoven novel of heart, brain, and skin — the contesting pulls of life, love, and the incomprehensible threads that connect all of us are evoked here with candour and passion and tremendous manipulations.”

Iremide Akinsola is a chattered accountant and Economist. He’s also a gospel writer and blogger. He is the author of Men of Like Passions and Unveiled. He blogs at . “A story of redemption, grace and second chances. Seamlessly woven with wit and humor.”

More details about the release of the book, date of release and so forth will come in the next blog post so stay tuned and enjoy Jesus.


  1. This is amazing sir
    I cant wait to read and “digest” this great book.
    Do more exploits
    We are glad

    1. Bring it on bro! I earnestly await.

  2. Wow….I can’t wait🤭

  3. Me I kuku know we’re in for it!!

    We’re wait!❤️

  4. Looking forward to it. Great one Goodness

  5. I am so eager to read this book,I am even more thrilled by the lovely reviews from the seasoned writers, God bless you immensely sir!!

  6. I can’t wait to read your book bro!!!

  7. Anticipating🤩!

  8. Ever since I watched you act in “Abattoir”, I think it’s safe to say I am a stalker. Not the bad type but for the fact that I want to see God’s goodness in you. I will try my possible best to try and read your book. I also hope you get the recognition you deserve.

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