Don’t miss any of the previous episodes.  Episode 1         Episode 2        Episode 3      Episode 4          Episode 5    If you’ve read all the previous episodes, now you can proceed. Lol.   I’m wearing my flowing black gown againContinue Reading

One hundred and fifty thousand naira! One fifty- whole- K! I paid that much as damages at the restaurant before the security men were ordered to let me leave the restaurant. The manager, with his silly, eager-to-please smile, suggested that I have a psychiatric evaluation done. At that point, IContinue Reading

  After the Bible study comes the requisite banter, fellowship after fellowship as some called it. And to spice that up, Ope, Stephen’s wife had homemade cupcakes for everyone. When I walked into the house at the beginning of the meeting, I was very self-conscious and slightly embarrassed cos IContinue Reading

When I got to the cemetery, I sighted the guards standing near my husband’s epitaph. The sand that covered where Femi’s body lay was scattered. My mind buzzed with more questions, the most dominant being, ‘why would anyone want to steal my husband’s body?’ Did they want it for rituals?Continue Reading

Mama took over the house in no time, doing all the cooking, monopolizing the children. Her help made me realize I didn’t need help. All the things I should have been doing to keep loneliness away, she usurped. Before I was up, she had started making breakfast, she was alreadyContinue Reading

“Sola, I love you” I stepped out of the kitchen, smiling. It was weird, but it felt good, my husband proclaiming his love to me. We had been married for eight years and Femi wasn’t the man to declare love or affirm his spouse randomly. He only poured out hisContinue Reading

Before the finale, don’t miss any one of the previous episodes. Links below: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Finale: With you or Not, Honey is Honey 1 John 5:21 “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.”   She was worried, angry, surprised. SheContinue Reading