IDOLS- Caramel or Honey

IDOLS- Episode six
Caramel or Honey

“I will read the first Thessalonians scripture, you will read the one from Proverbs” Demetrius was already flipping his brown leather Bible before he was done talking. Abigail closed his Bible. He looked up.
“I’m sick and tired of this charade. Who are we even fooling?”
“What are you on about now?” He was getting irritated. Why did she have to nag all the time?
“We should not turn the Bible into a carpet under which we would sweep the things we need to face. God’s word should give us light on how to deal with the darkest situation, not make us pretend that all is fine when we know very well that it’s not”
Demetrius crossed his arms and sighed, rocking in his chair. Here we go again.
“What are you talking about?” He asked even though he already knew.
“At what point are we going to talk about the Abigail I was?”
“Why do we need to dwell in the past?”
“I’m not asking us to dwell there. All I’m asking is that you accept it”
“I have done that already. I told you to stop bringing this up for God’s sake. Why are you being so difficult? What exactly do you want from me?”
“I want to know how it makes you feel, I want to know how you see me now, I want to know your thoughts about all of it. Then let’s decide if it matters or not”
Trust me you don’t want to know. He pushed his initial answer back and said, “It’s gone. I don’t see why we have to keep circling it all the time. It’s not as if talking about it would change anything, would it?” His fingers were shaking now. Oh, shit! I really hate talking about this, especially with Abigail. “Please, don’t ever make me talk about this again”
“The fact that you cannot hold a conversation about my past without trembling all over even after month plus, makes me wonder if this truly is in the past”
Demetrius balled his fists and clenched his jaws, pressing back the volcano erupting in him. When he opened his eyes, he said “Let’s continue the study” in the same dull tone he had said “We can still make it in time for the movie” over a month back.
He intended to tell her about his call from home and his intentions to travel the following weekend, but he was too pissed to broach the topic. It was either that or he didn’t want her to know that things were a lot more precarious between them than it seemed.
Abigail stared at the man before her, flipping his Bible and wondered if he was the same person she had fallen in love with, maybe it was the other way round. She wasn’t the lady he had fallen in love with. She wasn’t the lady he could love. He couldn’t love a defiled lady. I am sanctified. I am justified. I am not the Abigail in the corpse anymore, I am up with Christ and if any one can’t see clearly, that’s not my fault.
Abigail felt suddenly fed up. She had had enough.
“Goodnight, Deme” She snatched up her bag and walked away.
He watched her go, slack jawed, and suddenly a felt a frisson of fear that she might be walking away from his life.
“Hey, wait” He ran to catch up with her.
He held her hands and smiled. “Even if you’d leave me here, that’s no way to say goodbye to a man you love”
Her heart melted. She didn’t know what to think. “I wonder if the man I love, truly loves me”
I wonder too.
“I love you Abigail. I just need some time to take it all in”
“You’ve had time”
“Be patient with me”
“I’m trying, but your attitude drains me, tota-”
“I’m sorry. I’d be over it soon. Things would fall in line, don’t worry” He drew her in for a hug and for the five seconds she filled her lungs with the musty scent of him, she was certain all would be fine. But the certitude only lasted those five seconds.
As he leaned his neck on her shoulder, his body responded quickly and he just wanted to take her to his room and have her for the night. Stopping his thoughts, he disengaged from the hug and waved her good night. When the adrenal rush of desire let up, his pulse returned to its original state and so did the issues he had avoided.
Demetrius arrived Osogbo very late that Friday evening. As he walked his way to the family house, memories tickled his heart.
He had ran along these dusty streets wearing nothing or a slacked pant and trundling motorcycle tyres with a stick alongside his neighbours. He had walked this street in the same company on his way to school, on his way to church, everywhere. All of them were now scattered all over the globe. Last he heard Pamilerin had married and moved to Arab. How did she end up with an Arabian? How was she faring in his home? He might never know. Kunle was somewhere in Lagos and that was all he knew. He hadn’t heard from them in a long time. Andrew, Badmus, Tayo, Ewa, Ayomide, Delani, Laide… Ruth… Oh, Ruth and her spitfire elder sister, Rhoda.
Ruth, his childhood crush. He tittered in the dark. What would she look like now? Would she still have those almond eyes that had a mystic feel? Would she still angle her head and look up when she’s trying to recall something? This too, he might never know. She might be married, maybe now in Lagos or Abuja or Canada, or anywhere at all. If Arab was possible for Pamilerin, what could possibly be impossible?
He saw the house from a distance and all the lights were on. That was rather strange. They usually put off the generator once it was 10, and judging from the neighbouring houses, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria was doing what they did best, holding power. He checked his phone, it was 11:30.
What’s going on? Mum, didn’t tell me about any special thing going on at home. It was then he remembered he hadn’t called anyone to inform them of his visit. He thought popping a surprise visit would calm his mum enough to let her allow him explain himself. He hadn’t even prayed about his journey home, all he did was orchestrate a great plan in his mind and he was certain he had it all together. He knew how to win his mother’s heart and she knew how to win his father’s.
When he got inside the house, the number of people he saw startled him. Everyone was talking at once. Jabbering about how they were happy to see him, how much weight he had lost, how they didn’t know he was coming. All the women in the room were all over him, juggling his cheeks, patting his back, hugging him, shaking hands with him.
“It’s so thoughtful of you to come for Rhoda’s wedding. She’d be so glad you’re around” Aunty Lolade finally said.
“There’s a wedding?” He stuttered, looking around the room.
The room fell silent and everyone started talking again at the same time.
“Ah, ahn yes now”
“Se’bere ni yen? (Is that a question)”
“You didn’t get the invite?”
“She is getting married to the Oladipupo’s son, the man that just returned from Canada where he did masters. Good thing their family finally has an educated person”
“Oh, oh, great. Please where is my mum?”
“Oko miiiii!! (My darling!)” Demetrius’ mum exclaimed as she entered the living room and hugged him. She hugged him so tightly he gasped and she rocked him singing a song that further embarrassed Demetrius.
Oko mi ti de (My darling has come)
Olu mi ti de (My lord has come)
Deme mi ti de (My Deme has come)
Oko mi ti de (My darling has come)
Kaabo, (Welcome)
Se daadaa lo de? (Hope you’ve arrived safely)
She continued singing, turning him. Demetrius’ side eye caught a glimpse of someone, he turned his attention to the lady leaning against the doorjamb, wearing a sky blue wrap top and a skirt, smiling at him and taking all his breath away. Yes, she still angled her head, she still had those almond eyes. And the years that had passed seemed to do nothing but enhance her beauty, especially with those luscious, feminine curves.
“Mummy, leave me. You’re embarrassing me” He said gruffly into her ear.
She let go of him. “Oti bere ni yen o (You have started o) I should not be happy to see my only child abi? Shakara e gan po (You bluff too much)”
When his mum was done with all her drama and questions, Demetrius was free to walk over to Ruth to say hello. With how he gave her all his attention, walked her to the corridor and his carelessly open interest, he unwittingly passed a message across to everyone present in the room. And the living room might well have been a temporary cage for several birds that bore gossip on their wings.
After a brief talk with Ruth, his interest flared. As he lay on his bed, thinking about her. Her smile, her eyes, her demureness, her poise, his conscience popped Abigail in his face.
I could do with a friend. You have friends, Deme, even if you want to be foolish, don’t fool yourself. You like this girl. Ehn, I like her. Abigail nko? I love Abigail. Rubbish! Deme, get sense! You might be able to kill two birds with a stone in the Holy Ghost but loving two ladies with one heart is out of it, totally.
He turned his thoughts from Abigail and Ruth and bothered himself with what he would wear for the party the next day. Thankfully, he brought a native attire for Sunday morning. But will that do? Won’t he be underdressed? He needed a lace or a really cool Atiku fabric, a senator native probably. Not the simple Ankara in his bag, it didn’t even have an impressive embroidery work on it.
Deme, why are getting this pedantic about your looks? You know the last time you were cleaning shoes and brushing eye brows it was for Abigail. Deme! In all thy gettings, get sense!
So, Abigail or Ruth, which is it going to be?
He sighed. Is Ruth a virgin? He told himself he was only being curious, but the deepest part of him, the part he had been fighting to silence in recent times told him it wasn’t just a curious question, it was a criteria, a prerequisite, one Abigail fell short of and the reason he even considered a replacement in the first place.
Just then, the door of his room creaked, causing him to start. His father’s burly frame darkened the entrance.
“Olayinka, omo mi (Olayinka, my son)” He started as he settled carefully on the bed. Demetrius sat up against the wall, swallowing.
“You are my only son, my only child. Odun mejila gbako l’afi duro k’ato ri e bi (We waited twelve whole years before we had you) But you already know this, I just need to remind you of how precious you are to me. Olayinka, you matter more to me than any other person, you are my future.”
It was weird but Demetrius was scared. Why was he father being mushy? Why was he saying so much? He had never been the expressive kind, he had never even declared love to his mum in his presence. What was going on? Was he dying?
“I’m an old man now-“
Oh, shit! Dad is going to die!
“-all I ask from you is to let me have peace in my last days. Do you know what will kill my peace?”
“No- No sir”
“You marrying that Hausa girl”
Wait, what? This is what this entire episode of mush and emotions is about?
“Dad, she’s not even Hausa-”
“I don’t care! She will turn your heart against us. Seeing you set against me will destroy whatever peace I ought to enjoy.”
“She’s not like that, she’s a-”
“You think you know her,” He chuckled. “You just wait.. I’ve seen this happen before. I cannot make a choice for you, but you should know that I am your father, and I know what’s best for you. Goodnight”
He stood up and walked gingerly to the door. He stopped and turned around.
“Ruth is a nice girl. She loves us, she’s like family. Give me peace, Olayinka”
The door clicked behind him.
His father’s word replayed in his mind. God I’m confused.
In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, Yoruba or Hausa, circumcised or uncircumcised, but Christ in all and through all. I am your heavenly father, I know what’s best for you. I know the end of a thing from the beginning thereof. I made you, from your mother’s womb I ordained you. Be still and know that I am God.
He sighed reassured. Thank you Jesus.
But did God really have his best interest at heart? If God really wanted the best for him, would he give him a lady who had been used by several others?
You think you know her, you just wait.
He remembered Dare’s admonition too. Pick your thoughts.
Ruth is a nice girl. She loves us, she’s like family. Give me peace, Olayinka
Somewhere between his thoughts, tossing and turning he fell asleep. What woke him the next morning was a tragic news. In the bride’s father’s sleep, he passed away. They had to hide the news from the bride and her sister, else the entire wedding would be messed up. How would they go about it? Who would walk Rhoda down the aisle? How would Rhoda’s mum bury her grief enough to convince Rhoda and Ruth that all was well? For how long could they keep a secret as enormous as a father’s death?
Back in Ibadan, Abigail was wondering why Demetrius wasn’t replying her texts or picking his phone. She decided to pay him a visit on Saturday. She would hear from his neighbour that he travelled the previous day.


  1. Wow.. I did some bing reading. Episode 5 and 6 together.. glued to my screen. Eagerly looking forward to the next series. Well done, my brother ❤️☺️

  2. God see us through the lens of Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for this beautiful story. God bless you.

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