It’s a different kind of grief when you cease to exist in the mind of someone you love; when your existence is reduced to a shadow, to elusive grains of sand constantly sifting between the fingers that once held you. The stab of loss hits different when you look intoContinue Reading

  When the fellowship called you for the interview, you were not exactly surprised. Virtually every committed member was interviewed during the selection process for a new tenure of executives. You were a member of the Bible study unit; it was an easy fit. From your time with Mrs. Akerele,Continue Reading

  Moshud had just left his workspace and he sincerely wished he hadn’t. He wanted him to linger at his table, perched by the edge, cracking silly jokes. But admitting the fact is the last thing Adameji Gabriel will do. He knew for certain that if he asked Moshud toContinue Reading

  In the first JAMB I wrote -I’ve written three in one lifetime, it’s safe to say I was their regular customer for a while. But that’s gist for another day- so I was saying about the first JAMB I wrote, among the physics questions there were about three onContinue Reading