In the first JAMB I wrote -I’ve written three in one lifetime, it’s safe to say I was their regular customer for a while. But that’s gist for another day- so I was saying about the first JAMB I wrote, among the physics questions there were about three on gravitational effect. Calculations on gravitational effect would easily have been a cinch for me, I knew the formula, I had practiced questions. Alright Goodness, let’s do this.
Hol’ up. I couldn’t. Why? They didn’t provide the constant. But they always do. In every physics examination and past question I had seen hitherto they always provided the constant. In that anxious moment my mind whirred with such questions as Oluwa wetin dey gravitate?
I tried to recall the value of the formula but 6.67 X 10-11 m3 kg -1 s-2 totally eluded me that evening. I was in sifia pains and with that timer furiously counting down on the top right corner of my screen I had to give up those three questions to the gravity of tinini-tanana, if you know what I mean.
Three questions. 6% of my physics. Gone just like that. I could have easily gotten them but for one hitch: the constant. It didn’t matter that I was able to answer other questions well, it didn’t matter that other papers went well, I couldn’t get past the pain of knowing how much I had lost just because I didn’t know the constant.
JAMB thank you for doing me detty, I’ve learnt my lesson and that’s what I’m here to share.
In life, especially as it concerns a believer, when you don’t know what the constants are, you would easily bungle things up. When you let situations get to you to the point that you forget the constants, you would find yourself missing the mark and floundering like Goodness in CBT hall.
Constants are so called because well, they are always constant. They don’t change. They don’t depend on anything else. This is why our constant has to be something/ someone, unchanging, someone/ something self-perpetuating. No one better than Christ. For Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.
A few things we must always bear in mind, that must remain to us as constants regardless of what we face or feel, include:

  • The goodness of God.


  • The love of God and his love for you.


  • God’s abiding presence and he being our ever present help in times of need.


  • Christ sacrifice for you.


  • God’s endless mercies.

Like it is in physics, we work the variables -and life’s got many, dears-around the constants. You know what they say about things falling apart when the centre cannot hold? Exactly. That’s exactly what happens when you forget or neglect the constants. No matter how much you know the formula, no matter how many past questions you’ve practiced, without the constant you won’t make headways.
Don’t let your current circumstances and life’s situations-which are fleeting variables- throw you off enough to make you let go of the constants. The word of God shows us those constants. They are centered on Christ, our unchanging chief corner stone.


  1. God is always my constant. He never change and will never ever change. Thank you Goodness for this wonderful write up.
    I’ve kept my promise 😊. I told you I’m coming to read it on Instagram.

  2. I’m actually reading here for the first time,presently I feel so much down and discouraged about an issue,I don’t know how I clicked on this and started reading,now I so much feel blessed and lifted….thank you

  3. This is so profound. Jesus is our constant.

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