‘Lanre Martins’ was etched in black on the white name plate that was glued to the door. She undid the first two buttons of her zebra print blouse and ran her hands over her huggy suit skirt that stopped a few inches before her knee, before tapping the doorContinue Reading

  “The number you’ve dialed is busy-” He hung up. He wasn’t as worried as he was angry. He dropped the phone beside him and fluffed his pillow for a back rest. He was still thinking when his phone started ringing. It was who he expected- Lara.   “Hello.”  Continue Reading

                  Somewhere in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.   “That was how our story changed and we started having financial breakthrough.” Chinedu listened with rapt attention to his new convert’s story.   “All the friends I lost began to return; You know when there’s wine inContinue Reading

You are lying on the bed, curled up snugly under the fluffy duvet, facing your side of the room and Josh facing his. It’s your wedding night, but you lack the joy of a newlywed. You’d tried all day to keep the past behind you and celebrate the joy ofContinue Reading