Moshud had just left his workspace and he sincerely wished he hadn’t. He wanted him to linger at his table, perched by the edge, cracking silly jokes. But admitting the fact is the last thing Adameji Gabriel will do. He knew for certain that if he asked Moshud toContinue Reading

DOWN   He comforts us every time We have trouble so that When others have trouble, We can comfort them with The same comfort God gave us. -2 Corinthians 1:4   Show me your calloused fingers Before you tell me I’m not strumming the chords right -Adegbola Goodness   EpisodeContinue Reading

                  Somewhere in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.   “That was how our story changed and we started having financial breakthrough.” Chinedu listened with rapt attention to his new convert’s story.   “All the friends I lost began to return; You know when there’s wine inContinue Reading

  DAY 7 (GRAND FINALE) By 12;00am I was at their door with Aunty Morin, Dad opened the door for us, Mum sat up and said “Go back to bed, its not yet time.” I couldn’t imagine leaving that room, “How do we go to bed? No man goes toContinue Reading