It’s a different kind of grief when you cease to exist in the mind of someone you love; when your existence is reduced to a shadow, to elusive grains of sand constantly sifting between the fingers that once held you. The stab of loss hits different when you look intoContinue Reading

    While some people argue that making generalizations on people’s behaviors and tendencies based on generation classes is simplistic, I think the concept of generation classes is both practical and logical. Practical because we see this around us every day. We don’t make up the stories of WhatsApp mums.Continue Reading

  When the fellowship called you for the interview, you were not exactly surprised. Virtually every committed member was interviewed during the selection process for a new tenure of executives. You were a member of the Bible study unit; it was an easy fit. From your time with Mrs. Akerele,Continue Reading

    Ojochenemi swayed, feeling nauseous. He had to hold the edge of the well to steady himself. He couldn’t look into that well one more time and even with that the horrific image was already emblazoned on his mind. Josiah’s head twisted to the back, a pool of darkenedContinue Reading

    There are days like this when you are caught in a dreary swamp of memories. They come flooding in and swelling all around you till you can think of nothing else.   You used to be a happy child. Happy, chatty, delightful. You were the kid whose handContinue Reading

  ‘Bori, I just got a brain wave!’ Shile enthused, turning to her brother.   Bori continued tapping on his game pad. Shile shook his shoulder.   ‘This is going to be a good business plan. You know how most people in this neighbourhood don’t have where to dispose refuseContinue Reading