Whew! Replete is here. I won’t write a long epistle because I know what you want to read is THE BOOK. You’ve not waited this long to read another about the book story. I get that. But please, before you dig in, make sure you’ve read Complete (and Sola Morris off Walking the Blood-Paved Path).


Share this link with those who want to download the book rather than just sending them the pdf document. Thank you for your compliance.


I can’t wait to read your feedback, testimonies and reviews. The best place to shoot those is




  1. Yippee!! What we’ve been waiting for is here.💃💃

    I got my copy and I honestly can not wait to digest REPLETE, already. I’m sure my eyes will stay glued from the first word to the last.

    Meanwhile, let me go tell every single soul that REPLETE is out.🕺🏼🕺🏼

    1. Author

      the ebook is available on okadabooks. Hardcopy is available on roving heights

  2. I just got the via a link shared by Mary Bamidele. I can’t wait to devour every chapter of the book.

  3. Please Sir how can I get the hard copy?😭

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