Civilian life and the soldier

Recently, I’ve been ruminating a lot about the general moral decadence of our generation and the way lines are blurring into oblivion. I randomly find myself worrying about what the standards will be like by the time we have children. Would standards even exist at all? And right in the midst of all these- in a world where getting laid is the norm and weed is a substitute for oxygen; in a time when virtue has become a lackluster fleck of fiction- the believer is meant to stand for God, to live by the standards of the word.

I know the believer is meant to guard his associations and as much as possible keep those of like-mind in his inner circle, but we don’t live a bubble. Culture is constantly in our faces. Perpetually infringing, distracting, obscuring our beliefs and ideals. We interact with people all the time, we use the internet. The trajectory of opinions at loggerheads with the counsel of God is rapid and fast, aimed at our hearts and leaving residues of doubts.

How then, is the believer meant to cope?

Truth is, the world won’t stop being the world. The standards of the world won’t align with scriptures. Even the Bible foretells this. What I’m here  to say is, as a child of God, be ready to stand apart from ‘the norm’.

This morning, I came across 2 Timothy 2:4 again.

“A soldier on active service wants to please his commanding officer and so does not get mixed up in the affairs of civilian life.”

‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭GNB‬‬

Soldiers don’t live like civilians. There are far more civilians than soldiers. The civilian life is the commoner lifestyle but we have been called to a higher life. We are God’s soldiers.

It’s okay, to defy the norm. It’s totally okay. Remember, dear fellow soldier, you died. Your REAL life is hid with God in Christ. We live to please the one who enlisted us in his army.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep your eyes on your REAL identity: The Lord’s own, his redeemed, a representative of his kingdom; your REAL position: seated in heavenly places with Christ, in Christ, in the family of God; your REAL purpose: knowing Jesus and making him known.

Above the din of the world we live in, let your eyes remain trained on Jesus.


  1. Thank youuuuu for the great and needful reminder🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. This is super amazing…

  3. Yes Joseph also defy the norms and that’s why we know him today, temptations for us is a spiritual warfare, and we are not wrestling with flesh and blood, so we must fight a good fight of faith. 1Tim 6:11-12
    Bless you dear

  4. This is a well written piece….
    A good reminder of my work on earth as a believer

    1. Thanks, Goodness. An encouraging read.

  5. Thank you so much brother💯
    Lord Jesus even as a student help me defy odds and not live like a civilian but a Soldier that I am🙌🙌

  6. This blessed me. Thank you for the reminder. More grace brother. It’s really good to read from you again

  7. Gah! Thank you so much sir 🔥

  8. So very correct, more grace dear.

  9. A quick big reminder, many a times we ignore our purposes and choosed to follow norms making us victims of circumstances, a situation I was in before I met Jesus, I truly realized there is a great battle between the spiritual realm and the earthly realm, the fight is for the Lord, we are the Christian soldiers🔥, may the Lord keep the fire burning in you sir and any hurldles that may want to make you outrun your spiritual purposes will never come your IJN, Shallom 🙏

  10. Well said sir. We are soilders and until we behave like one we will keep acting like civilians. Thanks for this sir

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