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I’m super excited to announce the release of my second novel, Walking the Blood-paved Path.

I won’t bore you with stories, I know you just want to get the book.

You can get the book on selar using this link.

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 It’s available on Amazon also. Click here to get on Amazon.

For those who won’t mind some shalaye, Walking the Blood-paved Path comprises two stand-alone stories, Sola Morris and Ghetto Bloom. I was in the middle of writing my debut novel, Complete, when ‘shining idea syndrome’ drew me to another plot. I started writing Sola Morris one evening on the spur of the moment after watching an episode of one of my favorite TV shows. I was feeling inspired by the intriguing action sequence I had just seen and I just grabbed my laptop and started writing something. I just wanted to write something different from what had become my norm. I wanted to try my hands on something usual. But soon, I learned that unusual could mean more challenging.


I pushed Sola Morris aside and focused on finishing the manuscript for Complete, that was a wise decision. I’ve learned to make a habit of finishing. It takes discipline to be a finisher. While acting on a pulse of inspiration is good, depending solely on spontaneity won’t get you anywhere. After I was through with the manuscript of Complete, I took a well-deserved break off writing for a couple days and I was absorbed in the process of producing the novel. By the time, Complete was released, I had written three chapters of Sola Morris and I was finding it hard to forge. I had literal headaches trying to build the plot. By now, I wasn’t just writing for the fun of it. At this point, the Lord had given purpose to the story I started ‘blindly’. One evening while I was praying towards the release of Complete, the Lord dropped the title of this book in my heart. The title and subtitle. Walking the Blood-paved Path. The light of the gospel through dark stories. More instructions came. It was going to be a collection of stories, Sola Morris being the first. I thought it would comprise about five short stories, but I was wrong about that.


I decided to start blogging Sola Morris the same week I released Complete. Remember I said I was having a hard time writing, right? Yes, I decided to start blogging the story because I knew that would keep me accountable. The fact that I had my blog audience waiting for weekly episodes would keep me on my toes. Writing is more rewarding when there’s feedback.


By prayers, by the Spirit of God and the Word, I finished Sola Morris.


I started Ghetto Bloom pretty much like Sola Morris. It didn’t start with a ‘divine inspiration’ per se. I was just in NYSC camp and I wanted to write. This time around, I was spurred by a novel I had just read. And so, I started. But I wrote conscious of the fact that even in my impulse and ideas, the Holy Spirit could move. I started praying and meditating on the plot. I also started blogging it as a series…

And you know what they say, the rest is history.

With Ghetto Bloom, I could sense an urgency in my spirit. It felt as though the Lord wanted me to get this message out quickly because a lot of his children need the warning, they need the schooling. I wrote the entire manuscript of Ghetto Bloom in less than two months; I’ve never written anything that long within a time so short.


WTBPP will bless you. It will stir your heart as a believer to intimacy with God and unto good works. The unbeliever who picks up this book, will see the light of the gospel shining unmistakably in all its glory. Even before the release of the book, testimonies were already coming in and I am certain that the Lord is set to do great things with this book. When you read the book, kindly share your feedback and recommend to a friend. I love you dearly. And oh, let me show you the dedication of the book. I love it.


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