EPISODE ONE I looked around, everywhere was absolutely strange. I saw Bro Femi beside me. “Where am I?” “Hospital, we had to rush you down. Please avoid that guy, he’s really dangerous! Thank God you’ve come around”. *** I and Bro Femi went out for evangelism, as it was ourContinue Reading

  DAY 7 (GRAND FINALE) By 12;00am I was at their door with Aunty Morin, Dad opened the door for us, Mum sat up and said “Go back to bed, its not yet time.” I couldn’t imagine leaving that room, “How do we go to bed? No man goes toContinue Reading

DAY 6 That Friday was our unboxing day, Dad and Aunty Morin were in charge of unwrapping the gifts while I recorded the givers of the gift. The place was getting too quiet and it was making the work boring, so I decided to break the silence; “Mum around whatContinue Reading

DAY 5 Mum sure had a wonderful night, she was still in bed when Dad and I went to attend to the delivery boy. As we opened the door of their room, she peeped from under the duvet, I and Dad shouted “happy birthday!” She was between confusion and shock.Continue Reading

DAY 4 I was bored and was trying get a book to read, when I found my secondary school leaving yearbook, I smiled. It brought a lot of memories, I was flipping the pages when I stumbled at this article by Adelaja Kate. She had lost her both parents inContinue Reading

DAY 3 It was a refreshing time in God’s presence, it was like a chilled glass of water to my thirsty soul. I pulled out of my bed stronger that morning, I was lifted on the wings of God’s word, the scriptures came alive to me and yes, I wasContinue Reading

DAY TWO It was about 5;00 AM when I started hearing painful groans from their room, I knew what is was and right away. I left for their room. “Where exactly is the pain from?” “From my chest to my neck and up”, She was screaming, I could hear itContinue Reading

DAY ONE I was on my bed in my room at school trying to read for a GST 101 use of library test I had two days away, I was doing that when my phone rang, it was Dad. “Hello Daddy, good afternoon” “Yeah, could you come home please?” “Ah!Continue Reading