Mum sure had a wonderful night, she was still in bed when Dad and I went to attend to the delivery boy. As we opened the door of their room, she peeped from under the duvet, I and Dad shouted “happy birthday!” She was between confusion and shock. “What today? Is today October 13th?” Dad replied “Yes Dear today is October 13th it’s your 45th birthday”. She had totally forgotten, I went to her bedside and squatted by her side, I brought the flower and card from behind me and I handed it in. “Aww Thanks sweet they are so beautiful, Honey thanks too.” She hugged me and we all smiled. “Bring it in Dear” Mum said and we had a family hug. I looked at the wall clock it was about 9;30, immediately I pulled out of the hug. “I’m going to join Aunty Morin in making breakfast you guys should be getting set for the program at 12”
I was with Aunty Morin in the kitchen, “Titi I would be leaving soon oh, I’ve got to supervise the work at the business site’’ she winked at me , I coded what she meant by the work at the business site ‘’ so I smiled and replied her ’’uhhm you should be leaving after breakfast , we’d all be joining you in a jiffy ‘’ yeah that’s okay.
After breakfast we all went to get set for church while Aunty Morin left .when we were set to go Mum asked after Aunty Morin and I told her she had gone out. Before mum could ask to where, Dad quickly interrupted, “Hey sweet, you’re looking gorgeous.”
“Thanks ooh, and all credit to you, my word robe manager’’ we smiled.
In the car mum was wondering what the meeting of families was all about, Dad replied her, “Common don’t be impatient .We are almost there just relax honey.”
As we drove into the parking lot of the church we could hardly find a space for the car as everywhere was full of cars, Porsche cars .Mum said “whaoow,I can’t believe my eyes ,people really turned up for this meeting ooh”. “Mum that’s true”, I looked at dad and we smiled at each other .We made sure we were ahead of her, she is the very signal sensitive type “hey you two, what exactly is up? why are you leaving me behind, and why do you have those mischievous looks on your faces?” Dad was a constant counter balance, “Sssh, You must have been slowed down by your heels”, we smiled. And we kept pacing up as she was trying her possible best to catch up.
As I and Dad entered the auditorium Dad motioned his hands in a manner that signaled standing up to the congregation, Mum was still behind the door trying to mop her face with a towel after the brief catch up exercise, so we had enough time to perfect our plans. Dad and I were standing at the opposite sides of the passage from the door. As mum stepped in everyone was clapping and the whole auditorium reverberated as the’’ Happy birthday’’ echoed loudly.
Mum was sweating already she was really perplexed, what to say was her problem, but she started by; “Kunle! Don’t lie to me, you know about this right?” Dad smiled as he nodded his head, Mum continued, “So the meeting of families was all about Me” the pastor said yes. Mum was too amazed, she was already in tears, “Pastor, Morin and all of you….”. She was more astounded by the faces she saw. “You mean all of you are part of this coup?” Everyone laughed,
The pastor said from the altar, “Mrs Akintayo Kate we know you are really shocked but please you’re still at the door at least come to the seat prepared for the celebrant”. Mum reluctantly moved and we followed her, when it was time for mum to speak she really poured out her heart.
“I just can’t believe my eyes, Lara! Lara my chief brides’ maid! Dr Dennis Uche! I’m humbled! By this time next tomorrow I would be no more but this is a very thoughtful way to end my living ,and this has made me come up with my saying “No matter how much the pain it would always feel better in love, through this very rough phase of my life it has turned out to be a lovely moment, because I’ve been lifted on the wings of love, first of all the assurance of God’s love and the love from my family, My sweet hubby and my one and only darling baby, you all have also shown love by halting all your activities to make Kates day, I can’t do the vote of thanks, I could only pray that God would thank you all for me. She was weeping and a lot of people were doing so with her. Dad also narrated how it took him 5 months to assemble the occasion but cancer threatened to terminate it all. It was a really wonderful day, people gave remarks about Mum and I also coined my saying from how surprising different people had learnt a lot from Mums short life, my saying is “You wouldn’t know who is watching you, but the way you live your life goes into a record written with more than just ink and paper.”
A lot of hugs were shared in that hall that day a lot of old gone friends reunited, it was a great day indeed. Food and drinks were served, it was the cooking and serving Aunty Morin came to supervise. Dad had also invited a photographer who did the video coverage and snapping.
We left the premises around 6;40 pm everyone was weak to the teeth, we were all exhausted and tired, we had a stressful and blissful day. Mum expressed her gratitude to I and Dad, “I never could have been the wife of a better husband or the mother of a better daughter, I love you two, I really do.”
“We love you too”. Aunty Morin was just leaning against the wall, staring at us and smiling.
“Morin I appreciate you too, I’m grateful.”
“Don’t mention sister mi.”
Aunty Morin asked about the gifts, “Ah! We can’t venture into that tonight, we would do that tomorrow” I objected quickly. The trunks of the vehicles that conveyed the gifts were filled to capacity, three cars brought down the gifts.
We all retired to beds fagged out that night.

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