Heyyy. We’re drawing the curtains on the POUR-EM-S series for this month with this episode titled Curtains. Thank you for following the series, and enjoy today’s episode.   1. 2.   3.   4. When you ignore Jesus the friend of sinners, prepare to meet him as the judge of theContinue Reading

Hello everyone, Goodness here again… If you thought of something just’appen rai now clap for yasef. 😝😹😹   Okay, seriously now. How was last week for you? Hope it was cool. So today we’d be taking the third installment of this POUR-EM-S series and it’s all about God’s word. God’s wordContinue Reading

Hello, happy Sunday. It’s the second blogpost this year and we’re continuing with the series we kick started last week. Let’s state what’s pretty much the obvious with the first poem. 1.     2.   3.   4. Hmmm, Goodness the what will I be remembered as? 5. WhichContinue Reading

Happy new year to you there, may 2018 unleash all the blessings God has loaded it with for you. Amen.   Today we launch the series for the month of January themed Pour-em-s, a weekly compilation of inspiring poems. We kickoff today with the first episode tagged Gratitude. What betterContinue Reading