POUR-EM-S III – His Word

Hello everyone, Goodness here again… If you thought of something just’appen rai now clap for yasef. 😝😹😹
Okay, seriously now. How was last week for you? Hope it was cool. So today we’d be taking the third installment of this POUR-EM-S series and it’s all about God’s word. God’s word is all that you can imagine and more. Let’s set the ball rolling. Time no dey. 😸😼
1.SnapPic Collage_2018113121658945
God’s word is his messenger… Except that this one needs no data connection to deliver 😼
2.SnapPic Collage_2018113122024413
Who else can relate with this correspondence?
4.SnapPic Collage_2018113123624565.jpg
6.SnapPic Collage_2018113124527275.jpg
7.SnapPic Collage_201811313133228.jpg
Anatomically. 😼
8.SnapPic Collage_20181181643216.jpg
His word thaws our defenses and gives us a better defence; the sure shield of faith
9.SnapPic Collage_2018118164916554.jpg
Let’s dispel darkness with the light of his word
10. And the last poem for this episode… It’s the verses are divided into two photos to make viewing easier.SnapPic Collage_2018116141431475.jpg
SnapPic Collage_2018116175741767.jpgScripture makes us understand that God’s word is alive. I took my cue from there to make a male and female persona of God’s word.
Thank you guys. We’ve got only one last episode to go. I hope this has been a blessing. Please share with someone and have an amazing week, let’s do well for ourselves to munch the word. ❤❤
PS: you might want to know, all the nature shots were taken  (and edited) by yours truly, with my phone.😺😺


  1. Wonderful I’m greatly blessed more Grace and you will go places IJN

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