Accept yourself. Love yourself. The time wasted on trying to be someone else could be spent on developing yourself. Work on yourself till you become who God wants. Being fake is too expensive and unfulfilling. Always remember this; The best a wannabe would ever be is a SHADOW!Continue Reading

BATTERED & EMBITTERED! I was just seven years old when the unthinkable, unpardonable happened. Summer holidays were usually spent at Auntie Cynthia’s. Being the only child and daughter of my parents I was highly cherished and loved. Auntie Cynthia was a close acquaintance, my Mom’s immediate sister. She was theContinue Reading

I was scared to death, I hurried to the window. It was Bro. Fred. With my hands on my chest I sighed. ‘His visit is so timely. The holy spirit at work’ I thought as I opened the door. “Bro Dele, hope there’s no problem. You’re perspiring profusely and yourContinue Reading