Let the sun rise

I’m glued to this spot,where I’ve been waiting patiently,
waiting for this long night to end.
But time seems to be crawling by,
pausing at intervals to shoot me scornful glances.
All I hanker for is dawn,
to see the breaking of a new day,
to see the sun rise.
Let the sun rise and douse me in the stream
of it’s golden, beautiful beam.
Let the sun rise and put and end to this haunting, sickening darkness.
Let the sun rise and throw this mountain of hurt and aching into silhouette,
so that it stops being a hindrance,
but a beautiful spice to the picturesque.
Let the sun rise and reveal this camouflage mountain,
for what it really is; a molehill.
I just want to feel the joy of the morning.
Let the sun rise,
the son of man,
the light of life.
Let him rise and fight my battles,
and win me the victory.
Let the Son rise and lacerate the darkness with the splendor of his glorious light.

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