There I laid on the rippling waters of Nile,
far from home, distant by many miles.
In the cushioned basket that served as my bed,
carefully placed amongst the reeds.
Any angry wave could’ve swallowed me.
I was that unsafe.
But I was helpless.
I was floating on the waters of this world,
tossed hither and yon by every wind of doctrine.
Vulnerable, little me.
She left all the beautiful, comfortable bathrooms in her father’s palace,
and she came down to the river to wash, in the company of her maidens.
When she saw the ark in which I laid,
she sent one of her maids to get it.
She lifted the lid of the ark.
She took off what confined me,
what imprisoned me,
what my true self hid under.
I was weeping, I was wailing behind the cover,
behind the cover of the smile, of the front,
I was weeping.
She had compassion on me.
She rescued me.
She got a nurse to take care of me and she paid the nurse’s wage.
She saved me from the waters of this world,
From the verge of destruction.
And she named me MOSES for she brought me out of the waters.
P. S: This is the biblical story of Moses being told as an allegory. In this context, Pharaoh’s daughter represents Jesus, Moses every redeemed child of God and the nurse (Moses’s mum, Jochebed) represents spiritual parents and disciplers.
If you’re still floating on the waters of this world, Jesus is reaching out to you today. Give your life to him.
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