Down- The Conversation- Episode Five

The question:
What should a believer do when a stinking rich person that she’s sure is not God’s will for her, is hot on her tail. Please, let’s make our answers as practical as possible.
The first answer is from Mrs Adekunle Felicia

I think a believer needs a sincere leader over his/her head before this time, who can lead him /her aright when worldly riches comes to exchange the will of God for other things.
Let us go practical. Using myself as an example. I realised that any body can be faced with this issue even though in different ways. It is not only riches in terms of material things that can make one take decision against God’s will, do you know you can also judge a man to be spiritually rich in terms of the charisma and other gimgim things you see in him/her? I was once in Adebimpe’s shoes, by the grace of God I was guided in my choice of whom to marry under proper leadership of the holy spirit and my spiritual human leaders,(the Adegbolas) The relationship was going on well until I met a brother whom I thought was Rich in mission works than my God given man, and this brother helped me rubbish all the conviction I had about my husband then, like Bimpe I started giving my husband attitude and finally I went to my leader to tell her I am not interested any longer.
Thank God for correct leaders. She, my spiritual mother, was so very calm and told me the last time she checked God has not changed his mind but she will go and pray and I should also go and ask God for word from Him to break the relationship. It was on that note I went back to God and what I received from Him is holding my home till this morning.
I latter discovered that my ‘rich-in-mission-brother’ has been doing the same thing he did for me to other sisters in the Field but I was rescued because of correct leadership. If Bimpe also had a good leader like I do, maybe she wouldn’t have missed it.
My advice for young brothers and sisters is to submit their heads in discipleship. It is good when you have a correct leaders over your head who will give you correct counsel under God over issues.

Wow! I’m totally wowed. This is profound and heartfelt and real! Thank you very much Mrs Adekunle. What struck me the most is the part where she said the word God sent to her all those years ago is the cohesive force of her home till date. Such is the power of God’s word brethren.
And the place of discipleship cannot be over flogged. People have a leader under God. Follow them as they follow Christ.
I’m blessed by this answer ma. God bless you richly.
The next answer is from Enobong Iqua-Ibom

Well I see that as a temptation and there is only one thing you can do when faced with temptation…run…flee from every appearance of evil. Do not stop to think cos if you do, you are bound to make the wrong decision.
And even when you stop to think, do not indulge in rational thinking that can get you into trouble but fill your mind with God’s word, meditate on his promises for you in his word and who you are in Christ and pray for the strength to overcome the temptation.

Hmmmm… Eno has highlighted a salient point. And that is feeding one’s faith. Bimpe lost sight of God’s promises because of doubt and that made her unable to stick with God’s will. Thank you very much Eno
Keep following Down. God bless you.

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