Nature shots are back!

For some reason even I don’t know, I’ve not put up nature pictures on here in a loooonnnggg time. Sigh. And it’s not like I’ve not been taking the shots o.
To y’all who thought this column is dead; Tsk, it was only sleeping.
So today I’d just drop this four I took yesterday somewhere in Babcock University Teaching Hospital.
You all know the essence of this, don’t you? Savour the beauty of these natural scenery and let them draw your attention to the father of beauty who has loving surrounded us with beauty and even much more wants to fill our lives with it.
Sometimes I get discouraged and I look at these shots and reassurance surges in me.
A God who made flowers so beautiful can not make a mistake with my life.

Except you’re new around here, you’d know that all these photos where taken with my infinix phone.
To think of it, these infinix guys should make me an ambassador already 😏.. I’ve been repping em nicely. What do you think?
Alright lovely people. Have a blessed day (and exams, to those concerned)
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  1. God bless you for this timely messages. More grace bro
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