TENDRILS: A letter from heaven

How have we been? 😝
Today I am yet again going to be feeding your eyes with beautiful nature shots. Tendrils.

Can you see the letter? Can you read it? C’mon don’t tell me you can’t! 😏
I see tendrils like this as a reminder, a letter from heaven. Planted all around us, craving our attention. Sent directly from the father, sealed with his signet. The letter bears only three words.
I. Love. You.
The shape of that leaf is definitely not accidental! My God doesn’t create accidental things.
I was walking to my department when this note from heaven caught my attention, and I deemed it fit to share it with you, ‘cos it’s addressed to me, just as much as it’s addressed to you.
it’s not trite. It can never get cliché. You know why? His love is tooooo deep, tooooo wide. Toooo grossly inexplicable, to be overflogged! You could plug your ears for years jamming up to a ‘Jesus loves me’ mantra, and still not hear enough of it.
Have a Blessed Sunday, GO TO CHURCH O! Lol.
Now enjoy the others

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