It was a refreshing time in God’s presence, it was like a chilled glass of water to my thirsty soul. I pulled out of my bed stronger that morning, I was lifted on the wings of God’s word, the scriptures came alive to me and yes, I was assured God was still there even in the midst of the turbulence.
As I stood before my mirror I saw a young lady who was going to be motherless by Saturday, yeah, I wouldn’t go to church with Mum ever again, I was about to start the whole mourning all over again. But No! the mourning could wait, instead of that I would rather run to her room to give a mother to baby hug and peck, while I could still do.
As I opened the door of my room heading towards theirs, they were right in front of me, they were coming to my room too. After the usual traditional kneeling, I hugged them and we all moved to the kitchen.
“So Dear, how far with the informing people?”
“Yeah its going on well, Morin said she would be coming on the morrow. She was really caught in the hook of shock.”
“Awww I know she wouldn’t find it easy” Aunty Morin was Mums immediate sister, they were really close and of course she was astounded by the news. Dad brought up another topic; “Yes today I have a plan for us as a family.” Mum was inquisitive, “really? Tell us what it is”
“Uhhm…. After breakfast we would find out”
Dad told Mum and I to sit in the parlour while he went to bring what he referred to as the days package. While He was away I engaged Mum in a conversation.
“Mum what do you think about your departure in few day time.”
“Actually, it’s not easy because I know you guys would really miss me and I don’t feel like leaving you guys, but I’m so eager to meet my redeemer.” At this point the smile on her face lit up the whole room her joy was palpable. She continued “I can’t wait to walk the golden streets with my creator, to join the twenty and four elders at the feet of he who sits upon the throne, from whose throne flows a river as clear as glass, you see I just want to join them to cast my crown down and worship him, my dear heaven is a place we must not miss.” I was looking down at this point, on lifting up my eyes, Mum was beside me I leaned on her shoulders and was wetting them already, she patted my hair like she used to do when I was a little girl. Dad was already in the parlour and we didn’t even notice, he had also taken a photo of that moment and we didn’t notice too.
“Hey mama and her baby.”
“Eeehn, whatever I am sure he’s jealous ooh”. Mum replied in a sarcastic manner.
“Maybe I am, so I want my own hug too, and Titi take a photo of it.” After taking a few more pictures we were ready for the day’s package.
Dad had brought out all the pictures and albums he also brought some videos, he brought their wedding video and my naming ceremony video. It was an awesome period, “Titi see how your Dad was skinny before he started eating my delicacies”. Dad would sure not accept a defeat he must ‘wo’ro kan fi sa da’ find a defense means.
“Weren’t you too skinny?” We would laugh and throw jokes. “Dad how for crying out loud did you unearth this?” He laughed, it was a picture I took when my front teeth were out. During this my phone beeped. I went to check it out and it was a text from Chinwe;
“My dear, we are in dark moments of life we have to try although it
Might be difficult to focus to see the light, because it’s in the midst
of the pain that God would be passing the lessons and messages to
us. We would have only wasted the period of pain if we don’t make
the most of it by picking the lessons…..
Titi I might not know exactly what is going on with you, but know
this for sure that We are in this together. I would always pray for
you. Love Chinwe”
My throat had gone dry, my eyes were already moist. I didn’t feel like I read that text it rather seemed as if Chinwe was speaking life to my soul and I could feel something stand up in me, and I understood why the bible said in proverbs 12;25 that “heaviness in the heart maketh it stoop, but a good word maketh it glad”. Yeah my heart was some what stooped but Chinwe’s good words made my heart glad. My parents had noticed my absence now, my phone beeped from dining table so I was there.
“Titi, what are you doing there?” I went to show Mum the text, she gave it to Dad after reading it and Dad spoke; “This girl didn’t say this of her own accord, this inspired by the holy ghost, this is a word in season. May God bless her.” I said Amen but Mum had to be unique, she said ‘Amin’.
The day sped off and was soon over.

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