I was bored and was trying get a book to read, when I found my secondary school leaving yearbook, I smiled. It brought a lot of memories, I was flipping the pages when I stumbled at this article by Adelaja Kate. She had lost her both parents in a plane crash back in our JSS 3, she was the last born so her parents were fond of her and vice versa. She had four grown up siblings and the title of the article was ‘The life I thought I couldn’t live’. She felt life had come to an end for her when her parents died. Back then when the incidence happened she was really moved and her life turned a new leaf.
The normal Kate was very arrogant because of her parents’ affluence, she moved with the rich girls click but afterwards she became quiet, collected and even her academics deteriorated terribly but She found her feet again in SSS2 when she gave her life to Christ. Quoting her from the article “Although my sorrow lasted for a night and a real long night, the joy came in the morning”. Her story went straight to my heart, I recalled how she became very miserable, I couldn’t but thank God for her life and because even in my period of pain he was my succor.
After reading the article, I sat up in my bed thinking about how to get the card and bouquet of flowers I needed. How do I go about it? Yeah! I sprang up an idea, I would discuss with Dad, I was still in my thoughts when the bell rang. I knew at once who it was and without hesitation I hurried to the gate.
She was soaked from face to neck, she hugged me tightly and moved me to tears by her uncontrollable emotions. After about one minute, she pulled out of my hands and muttered silently “is she in?” I was too engrossed in tears to speak, I just nodded. I helped her with the loads as we entered the house. Aunty Morin laid flat on the ground, she was rolling back and front and was soaking the tiles as she mopped it with her hair, she was groaning too. Dad had noticed someone’s presence and so he came out. Aunty Morin rose up her head.
“Morin welcome ooh”
“Thank you, what about her?”
“She’s resting”. Aunty Morin went back to doing what she was doing, Dad was trying to pacify her but she was like the woman whose voice was heard from Ramah that wouldn’t be consoled, I didn’t bother her, I was there too, on Monday I was in her state so I knew she just needed some time to do the wailings, but on the second thought how do we introduce her to the business if she spends the whole day mourning?
Mum was soon out, Aunty Morin ran to her clung to her neck and wept. That lasted for a while before Aunty Morin turned to Dad and Mum and said “God understands best” She couldn’t say more than that, then she left for the guest room. “Eeem, Dear Pastor said there would be a meeting for families tomorrow at the Church auditorium by 12:00 pm and he encouraged us to be there.”
“Then we’d be there.” I was happy she consented and I spoke; “If we are going for this meeting for families, we must be well dressed as its going to be our last. So I suggest a garment shopping”. Dad smiled, “If you think so, so shall it be”,
At the boutique Dad said he would determine Mums last outfit and he did. He picked a black gown that had a golden belt with a hat and shoes to march, Mum looked beautiful in them and she really loved them. “Am glad My husband has stopped colour riots” We all laughed. We drove out of the mall and headed home.
Aunty Morin had made dinner. “I hope you didn’t spice this meal with the salt from your tears?” Dad teased her, “I can’t promise ooh” she replied and we laughed. After dinner, Dad carjouled Mum to bed and after he was sure She was asleep, he came to meet Aunty Morin and I to discuss business. Dad kept texting and calling all through the night. With the help of Dad I had ordered for the bouquet of flowers and the card from the mall, and I was going to receive it by 8:00 am the next morning. The three of us slept quite late that night with Dad being the last to leave the living room

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