DOWN   God, you give true peace To people who depend on you, To those who trust in you. -Isaiah 26:3 ERV   Episode six   When he got home that night, he paced the living room for sound thirty minutes muttering, “Jesus, Jesus” in between gusts of rushedContinue Reading

Hey friend, it’s been a while on here. A month tops. Sigh. Today I’d like to share a story with you. I first shared this piece on Gospelstories a Facebook page that hosts various gospel writers and provides beautiful godly content. Photo credit: Gospelstories   *****   HAILSTORM He walkedContinue Reading

Chinedu was scanning through his mail; there were a few invites from other churches and ministries, there were messages from people seeking counsels and a plethora of mails from various missionaries seeking financial support. His heart went out for the last category. Being a missionary himself for a decade beforeContinue Reading