“Hello Omolara.”   “Nope, it’s not Aunty Lara. It’s me, Sam.”   She searched everywhere in her room for her phone before she remembered that she left it in on the settee in the parlour after watching a TV show. She was coming downstairs for it when she sighted SamContinue Reading

Chinedu was scanning through his mail; there were a few invites from other churches and ministries, there were messages from people seeking counsels and a plethora of mails from various missionaries seeking financial support. His heart went out for the last category. Being a missionary himself for a decade beforeContinue Reading

He glanced briefly at his wrist watch. Four thirty. He had just arrived from his office and he was all worn out.   His snapped his fingers as he hurried to the room. He had completely forgotten that today was Thursday and he knew for sure that he’d be late forContinue Reading

A lot of questions flooded her mind as she sat before the stockily built doctor, in his consulting room.   Is she pregnant?   Did she drug herself?-No way!   A lot of voices were screaming to be heard in her head and fear bloomed within her. She was restless asContinue Reading

Lara loved music and singing, Saturday afternoons always meet her at the church for choir rehearsals.   Today she’s sitting at the last column alongside other tenor singers, sandwiched between Abraham to the left and Mabel to the right. Everyone stayed put as they waited for Mr Effiong, the ebullientContinue Reading

Lanre had barged into Noah’s office when he was sure Lara was off duty.   He stood before the fair skinned young man sitting behind a desk surrounded by shelves crammed with various drugs and who was frantically scribbling on a piece of paper.   The freckles on Noah’s fingers whichContinue Reading

  ‘Lanre Martins’ was etched in black on the white name plate that was glued to the door. She undid the first two buttons of her zebra print blouse and ran her hands over her huggy suit skirt that stopped a few inches before her knee, before tapping the doorContinue Reading

  “The number you’ve dialed is busy-” He hung up. He wasn’t as worried as he was angry. He dropped the phone beside him and fluffed his pillow for a back rest. He was still thinking when his phone started ringing. It was who he expected- Lara.   “Hello.”  Continue Reading