Ghetto Bloom 7

Folake awakened before her alarm rang, which was odd considering how tired she was when she slept. She woke up with a portion of scripture on her heart.

What communion hath light with darkness?

Folake squinted and got up from the bed. She picked Erin’s bible and searched out the scripture. 2 Corinthians 6:14. She read the whole chapter for context’s sake. She frowned, not understanding why the Holy Spirit awakened her at 3:30AM with this word.

She started praying. As she worshipped the Lord, she realized that her altar was waxing cold. She hadn’t been praying. Aunty Solape’s words came back to her.

Folake, you must contend for your fire at all times. Breeze will blow, storms will come. The enemy will do all he can to extinguish your fire, but you can’t afford to be caught sleeping. Be sober and vigilant, your enemy doesn’t take tea breaks.

Aunty Solape was the house mistress of her hostel when she was in secondary school and that woman did a remarkable work of raising disciples amongst the students. She taught them the word with patience and precision and by example and devotion she trained them in godliness. She was a dogged woman of faith and even after Folake gained admission into the university, Aunty Solape kept in touch. She was Folake’s spiritual leader.

Folake went down on her knees, praying in tongues. Seun’s image flashed across her heart. She stopped praying. Seun was not darkness, he was a child of light like her. She pushed it aside and continued praying. The image returned. Her alarm rang. Folake sighed. If she did not start getting ready now, she’d turn up late.

In the bathroom, she wondered why Seun’s image popped in her spirit. Perhaps the Lord wanted her to pray for him, she thought. But that wasn’t the signal she was getting.

But Seun is not darkness. I watched him enter into the family of God.

“Seun is not darkness.” She muttered.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, she saw Erin sitting up on the bed, watching her.

“Sister mi, I have to say this. I’ve been trying to keep it in since but I have to say it now.”

Folake picked Erin’s body cream. “I’m listening.”

“I’m not comfortable with this Seun dude.”

Folake continued rubbing cream on her body. “Why?”

“My spirit is… I don’t know, there’s something off, please pray and watch.”

Folake smiled. “I know Seun. He’s genuine, trust me.”

Erin swallowed. “I trust you, sister mi. But please, pray and be careful.”

Folake toweled her hair and looked in the mirror, feeling mildly irritated by Erin’s pedantic fussing. “I’ve heard.”


Seun narrowed his eyes as he gradually became consciousness of his environment. He was in Felicity’s bed. The memory came as a rush. Felicity’s apartment aglow with scented candles and her stereo playing country music. She waltzed towards him, untying the belt of satin sleepwear robe and let it slip down her shoulders. Seun’s mouth watered. Reason flew out of the window and he totally forgot the fear that assailed him on his way to hers.

In the aftermath of the steam and passion, Seun felt used. Her little ploy worked on him, she held out a candy and baby Seun came toddling to her. Of course, he wouldn’t narrate the story that way if he had to tell his friends, he’d tilt the story to favor his ego and make it look like another plus to his list of conquests.

“Breakfast is ready,” Felicity said as she entered the room.

Seun sat up. “Be a dear and bring it to me in bed.”

Felicity scoffed. “The idea of breakfast in bed might be cute but I know you, Seun, you’re a clumsy chicken. I don’t want my sheets stained.”

Seun chuckled.

“So, meet me at the dining.” Felicity walked away. Seun frowned. She was taking slow steps, crossing her legs more than she usually did. She was putting in effort, aware of his gaze.

“What are you doing, Felicity?” Seun asked and put his mug down.

“Having breakfast with my baby’s Daddy.”

“Don’t play dumb. What are you playing at? The call, the candles, the sex and this. We both know you’re not that nice.”

Felicity smiled and took Seun’s hand in hers. “I’ve been thinking, we should get married.”

Seun recoiled, pulling his hand away from her grip.

“Are you messing with me?”

Felicity shook her head. “It’s what’s best for the baby. You don’t want your child to be raised by separated parents now, do you?”

Of course, I don’t. And I have a plan to handle that apart from marrying an egocentric girl like you.

“I’m not marrying you, Felicity.” Seun blurted.

Felicity leaned back in her chair and her icy glare made Seun swallow. He paused to think.

Did Felicity really get pregnant by accident? Yes, we had drinks that night, but was she really that drunk? Why didn’t she take postinor or something thereafter?

Seun pushed his plate aside. “You had this figured out from the start, didn’t you?”

Felicity said nothing.

Seun sprang up in a fit of rage. “You are trying to use a baby to tie me down? What sort of redundant backward shit is that?”

Felicity exhaled, as though bored by Seun’s theatrics. “If you don’t want us to get married, I’ve decided it’s not wise to bring this child into the world.”

Seun’s heart thumped. He plunked back into his seat. “Felicity, you can’t do anything to my baby.”

Looking into those ice balls she had for eyeballs, Seun knew she could. She very well could. His stomach was twisted in a knot, his throat hot.

“Wasn’t this what you wanted?”

“Before the baby became a reality to me. Right now, that child is the very centre of my world. He’s my motivation, my- don’t you dare touch my child.”

Felicity laughed, Seun was saying what she wanted to hear. “How do you know the child is a he?”

“Whatever. He or her, don’t touch my child.”

“Then let’s get married.”

“I swear, I’ll gut you if you do anything to my child.”

Felicity sighed and became tender, her eyes glazed with tears. She came around to Seun’s seat and sat on his laps. “Seun, you know I want this child as much as you do.”

What you want is me, you selfish idiot. The child is just another tool in your hands to get me. Another tool like your tears, like your stupid candles. God! How am I in this mess? I’m not going to get roped into a marriage like my father. Over my dead body.

Felicity tipped Seun’s chin till their eyes met. Seun turned away and pushed her off him. Felicity stood up and came behind his chair. She leaned close so that her mouth was right beside his ears, she looked away.

“I could be a tiger,” she whispered. “or a bloody sweetheart. You get to choose the Felicity you want.”

A surge of desperation rose in Seun. He’d figure how to deal with Felicity later, for now he had to make sure his baby was safe. He stood up and turned to Felicity.

He kissed her and pulled back. “I want you as a bloody sweetheart.” He kissed her again. “Let’s get married.”

“Three months from now.” Felicity said offhandedly.


Felicity rolled her eyes. “Would you rather have the baby born before the wedding?”

Seun shook his head, hating himself for acting like a mindless robot. How was it that all of Felicity’s blows got him below the belt and landed him where she wanted?

Seun forced a smile. “I’m having such a wonderful time, but I have to run now.”

Felicity smiled, a smile that told Seun she wasn’t fooled, a smile that reminded Seun that she knew how to play this game. She was his match, or worse yet, his nemesis. She blew him a kiss, the filigree rings on her fingers flashing as she did. “Ciao.”

Seun sat in his car, sweating and cursing, willing himself to think up a workable plan now that Felicity had drilled holes in his former plan. Three months, she said. Things had been progressing slowly but efficiently with Folake. He had won her trust; he was winning her heart. But he needed more time before a proposal could be feasible. He couldn’t finish the mission between within months neither could he afford to let Felicity drag him into marrying her.

And I don’t what to lose my baby!

You can’t have your cake and eat it, Seun Farolati. A jeering thought lanced across his mind, making him even angrier.

“I will have my cake and eat it.” He said aloud and then pounded on the steering wheel, uttering a monosyllabic expletive.

He sat there, brooding, tapping a foot on the foot mat. Eventually, it came to him like a flash of lightening across a dark sky. It was so simple, so cliché, yet so potent.

If Felicity was trying to hold him down with a baby, the same trick would force Folake to marry him.

Good old baby traps. He laughed.

It was time to change his plan. The new mission was to get Folake pregnant.

You can’t mess this up, Seun. The first thing you need to do is to try to speculate the pattern of her menstrual cycle and then know her ovulation period.

Seun placed a finger on his chin. There was a period Folake was ill and moody, during that period, she bought cake after church instead of the regular akara and bread. She must’ve been on her period then. Seun tried to trace it back. That Sunday was the second Sunday in the previous month. It was the Sunday he’d pulled the burden stunt.

That Sunday, he was with the ushering team after service doing the usual post-service prayer and meeting when he sighted Folake through the stained window talking to Seun’s Sunday school teacher. That man that dragged his ‘s’ till they sounded like hisses and had a wide forehead. Seun had seen how his Sunday school teacher looked at Folake. The man had an agenda, the man was a threat. Seun excused himself from the usher’s meeting and took out his phone.

Outside the church, Folake and Akor were talking. Folake was apologizing for being so unavailable, she’d been occupied with a disciple.

“God’s work must take precedence, right?”

To that Akor grunted. “This disciple, is Bro. Seun, yeah? The brother in ushering unit.”

Folake nodded, smiling.

“Nice, he’s in my Sunday school class. Whenever he contributes, he drops articulate and insightful words. I see you’re doing a great work.”

But Folake wasn’t listening any longer. She was absorbed in a text.

“I have to go now. Seun says there’s an emergency.”

And just like that she was gone. Akor sighed. Seun made him think of something he learned in Biology back in secondary school, a term called ‘allelopathy’ in ecology. His teacher had said that some trees release chemicals into the soil that prevents the growth of trees like them within a given circumference around them. Just like screening effect in Chemistry, Seun was the inner shell electron screening off Akor, the valence electron. Akor hated that Seun had taken up all of Folake’s attention and he was left feeling like an interloper.

Folake hurried to where Seun was standing on the other side of the building.

“What’s the emergency, Seun?” FK had worry lines across her forehead.

Seun took a deep breath. “My mum. I had a bad dream about her and I’ve been burdened all day. Can you pray with me, please?” Seun had chosen that lie because it was the best suited for FK. If it was another lady, he might have chosen a lie along the lines of a financial breakthrough or a promotion at his job, but he had studied FK and he could see that she was washed clean of lust for money. What she lusted after was different, purer maybe, but just as exploitable. She had a knack for results in the spiritual. Seun had been around long enough to know the right language to use. He knew that FK loved to dwell on testimonies of what God did through her, her saw that even in her ‘glory to God’ she shined with a glory of her own. And so, the burden lie did the trick.

She prayed with him and encouraged him. They left church together and on the way to the junction she complained of a headache, bought cake and snapped at the cake seller for being slow in attending to her. Period moods. Seun did not forget to call her later that evening to follow up on his lie.

“Thank you so much FK, for praying with me. Do you know my mum almost got robbed today on her way from church? She told me God himself rescued her and this happened about the time we agreed in prayers.”

“Wow!” Folake exclaimed over the phone and Seun had to bite back his laughter. “Glory to God. There is indeed power in the prayer of agreement.”

“True, ma, very true.”

So, sometime around the second week of the month, our dear FK menstruates. Google will help me sort the rest.


“I’m around your office, Folake. Your break is by 1pm, abi?”

Folake was overjoyed to be hearing from Aunty Solape again. “Yes ma, you’re right. Oh my God! I’ll actually see you Aunty Solape! When did you enter Lagos?”

“I got here today oh, and I said I must see my pikin,” she chuckled. “I wanted to surprise you. My first ministration is in the evening so I decided to see you before then.”

“I’m so grateful.”

Folake glanced at her phone screen for time. 12:37pm. she itched with anticipation to see Aunty Solape again. When last had she seen her? About two years ago when she travelled to Akure for a personal retreat during her leave. It was an awesome time with Aunty Solape and her introverted husband, Uncle Sam.

Folake and Aunty Solape sat in the restaurant, their meal untouched and cold before them, discussing and catching up. Aunty Solape brought Folake up to speed with what God has been doing in the ministry and in the lives of other disciples. She told Folake that her daughter, Charis, just won a scholarship and would soon be travelling abroad for her university degree.

“Small Charis of yesterday. Wow!”

Aunty Solape sneered. “See who’s talking. I remember the FK that used to cry every day in the hostel for one reason or the other.”

Folake shared her experience with Woli the previous day, the Tope issue and her promotion at the office. She mentioned Seun in passing. Aunty Solape was thrilled to hear it all.

“Relationship nko?” Aunty Solape asked. “any brother showing interest? Is there anyone you’re praying about?”

Folake scoffed. “Nothing jare.”

“Are you sure?”

Folake nodded. “Why?”

Aunty Solape shrugged. “I sense it’s done already. Just relax and stay aligned, you hear?”

Folake smiled. “Yes, mama!”

“Another thing I want to say is, don’t let exploits, activities or ministry steal the place of your personal communion with the Father. That is the life source from which every other thing flows. How has it been, so far?”

Folake sighed. “Honestly, Aunty, I’ve been struggling in that area. Work, traffic, stress. I’m getting enough time to pray.”

“But are you praying in the not enough time?”

Folake paused to ponder on that.

“It’s understandable that you are busy and might not have the stretch of hours to pray and study like before, but as we maximize the little time available, we show that we are prioritizing our fellowship with God and we gain wisdom to squeeze out more time from our busy schedules. In traffic, pray. Pray as you walk to your office. As you’re on the bus, read the Bible on your phone. Before a conference starts, meditate on what you’ve read in the word. As you live with a deliberate consciousness of God and intent of fellowship, you will see that your hunger for God will increase and then you’d be able to carve out more time to be with him. My dear, no one is too busy for God oh. You know the famous Martin Luther quote on prayer now,”

Folake nodded. “I have so much to do that I spend the first three hours in prayer.”

Aunty Solape nodded. “You might not start with three hours, start with an hour. Make it a point of duty to spend at least an hour with God at the start of your day. Wake earlier, make sacrifice. You are a woman of God running with a mandate, you can’t afford to not pray.”

Aunty Solape was speaking graciously. Knocking down instructions and corrections without judging Folake or making her feel less of a believer for her struggle in her devotional life. She prayed with Folake. As she did, Folake could feel her inner man receive strength, Folake left the restaurant, muttering in tongues. The verse she got earlier that day returned to her heart.

What communion hath light have with darkness?

She didn’t want to probe what God was saying.

Seun is not a child of darkness now.

She remembered the day Seun called her pretending to be an account officer.

That’s in the past now.

How come he never mentioned it now. In all their Bible studies and discussions, he never mentioned anything about of past of scamming people.

He has confessed to God; God has forgiven him. Seun is a new man in Christ.

The night he called her, he almost slipped about his ‘new job’ and Folake sensed that he didn’t have any new job. But even after his conversion, he still maintained the new job tale.

Then he has a new job. Why am I being so skeptical and critical of Seun all of a sudden? This is surely not of the Lord.

Folake sighed.

It’s Erin. She’s the one poisoning my mind with doubt. Even though she’s well meaning, she’s causing harm.

Folake decided to think of all the deep conversations she’d had with Seun. How he opened up about his childhood traumas, about his parent’s dysfunctional marriage. How he was not ashamed to disclose his fears and weaknesses. She always felt compassion for him. Sometimes when she heard Seun expound on scriptures, she’d be shocked by how rapid his growth was. He spoke in tongues, he prophesied, he was already a worker in the church.

Seun is genuine. She reiterated to herself.

Her phone beeped. It was a message from Aunty Solape.

-Good to see you again, dear. Please read Joshua 9 in your free time. Bless you-

Folake smiled. She remembered all Aunty Solape told her and decided not to put off reading the scripture till later. She plugged in her airpods and brought up the scripture on her audio bible app.

The first thing that struck her as she listened was the number of nations that gathered against Joshua. The Hittite, Amorite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivite and the Jebusite came together in one accord to fight against Joshua. Other scriptures sprang in Folake’s heart.

Surely they shall gather, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall thy sake.

Why do the heathens rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed saying, let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

Folake laughed aloud, pondering on that scripture. Yes, the enemy will plot, yes, they’d scheme but it shall not prosper…

If you obey the Lord. The Holy Spirit whispered to her heart.

She continued with the Joshua passage as she entered her office. She was engrossed in the tale of how the Gibeonites chose deceit and disguise as their battle strategy. Having heard of what the Israelites did to Jericho and Ai, they knew they stood no chance against the Israelites in battle, so they chose subtility instead.

The enemy knows he stands no chance against the believer that knows who he is in Christ, so he would rather choose deception.

Folake continued reading from the Bible on her desk. The Israelites and Joshua fell for their lies. Verse fourteen caught her attention. The Israelites did not seek the Lord’s counsel. They ran along on presumption and emotion. Compassion became to them a snare.

Folake paused. Her heart hammering loudly in her ears. She bowed her head and continued reading. Joshua made peace with them and made a covenant with the Gibeonites. This became their waterloo.

Folake sat there, stunned. Why was her heart thumping so much?

Eseosa stepped into Folake’s office. Mr. Ekweremadu wanted to see her.


Goke sprayed perfume behind his ears and preened before the mirror. Seun entered the room, tapping away on his phone.

“Where you dey go?” Seun asked when he looked up.

Goke spun around, and did his shoddy impression of Michael Jackson’s moon walk. “Guess who texted me, saying she has missed me and this one that one?”

Seun sniffed a chuckle. “Who?”

“Tadese!” Goke boomed and shook his head. “These girls. Ah! She has heard of my money now, she too wants to chop.” He upturned his mouth and gave a self-righteous grimace. “So cheap and of easy virtue. Do you know she actually invited me over?”

Seun sneered. “And you that has high virtue, you are going there.” His tone dripped sarcasm.

Goke wiggled his eyebrows. “Man no fit dull now.”

Seun shook his head and chuckled. “You still love this girl.”

Goke’s ‘no! God forbid.’ was excessive, and overcompensating with the dramatic shrug. Of course, he still had affection for her. This lady that dumped in without as much as a backward glance, for a cult ‘capon’. Seun thought of Goke as a simpleton who never learned. He was feeling all cool about the noncommittal text Tadese sent to him. She was going to milk him dry and toss him the trash again. She was just all about the money, Seun knew this. He was at hers just yesterday and he’d paid her 50k for her services. The thought of Goke hurrying with glee to his left overs filled Seun with guilty pleasure.

Seun snickered as he watched Goke hurry out of the room. He checked the clock on the wall for time and decided to start getting ready for his hangout with Folake later that afternoon. They had Bible study to do. He chuckled again. Things were looking up.

Folake chose to meet with Seun in a park, for the sake of caution. With all that she’d been getting, it was better to be safe. They met to study together that Saturday afternoon. Before they dug into the word, they talked about their day and FK paid close attention to Seun’s body language, to his speech. There was nothing awry, nothing suspicious about him and for a moment, Folake felt ashamed for doubting Seun’s authenticity simply cos of some misguided misgivings.

Before they started the study, the took some minutes to pray in other tongues. Of all the things Seun had to learn in his hunt for Folake, speaking in tongues was what he found most ridiculous. This spurious act of jabbering unintelligible gibberish with gusto. It was laughable watching those people do it, but he had to take on the theatrics for the sake of credibility. The persona he was selling was a spirit-filled man hungry for Jesus. That was another phrase from church that cracked Seun up and made him think cynical thoughts. ‘Hunger for Jesus is a blessing. You need hunger to travel far in your walk with God.’ Pastor Bernard would say.

This one doesn’t know what hunger is. If real hunger nak you, you won’t ever think of it as a blessing, even if it’s for Jesus.

Also ranking high on the list of ridiculous church things was the comical art of being slain in the Spirit. This one Seun had not yet practiced because he cared about his bones and he had shame unlike those shameless lot at church prayer meetings that went limp and fell, or the more theatrical ones that scattered chairs before collapsing. But putting himself through the rigor of witnessing and participating in religious nonsense was worth it. Each day, he could feel himself inch closer to his goal. Most especially today. Going by his speculations of Folake’s ovulation window, She should be in her fertile period now. It was a good time to fire his army and hope to score a goal. Moreover, he had been itching with desire for Folake for a while now, he’d been stowing the itch because it was one of the sacrifices of the initial plan, but now that Felicity has triggered a change of plans, Seun couldn’t wait to fulfill all his fantasies on this doe-eyed beauty.

Seun knew there was a probability he’d score nothing on the first try, but he chose to be optimistic.

You won’t know if you don’t try.

Seun’s thoughts halted when Folake excused herself to take a phone call. Who could be calling her? And why did she walk away to take the call? Seun could feel a surge of anger in him. Who was Folake talking to? A message entered his phone, a iMessage text from Princeton.

-Zina-Bigu has asked you to come to the temple alone on Thursday. It is time for a renewal-

Seun’s head shot up. The moment he had coming, but he’d refused to acknowledge was here. For over a month he had been spending money he didn’t work for, basking in Zinas’ favor, but somewhere in the recesses of his mind, he knew, he always knew that there was no free lunch. He knew that at some point, he’d have to get his hands dirty, but he never let himself dwell on the thought. He ran from the deep meanings of his actions and chose instead to revel in the moment. Now, he could run no longer. Now that he had eaten off Zinas’ favor, he’d be damned if he didn’t follow his command. What was that he read on the colorful painting?

Zinas will give you what you want. You must do what he asks.

Thinking back on it those words were scary. Zinas would probably ask him to let go of the person who was most precious to him. The mere thought made a shiver course down Seun’s spine. How would he sacrifice his child before even getting the chance to meet him/her? And Zinas was inescapable. Seun’s head throbbed with a headache.

“Folake, where are you?” was the question Aunty Solape asked immediately Folake picked the call.

“I’m not at home ma.”

“Where are you?”

“At a park.”

“Doing what?”

“I came for a bible study with Seun. A disciple of mine, I spoke about him briefly the other day when we saw.”

“Him? I thought the Seun was a lady oh. Hmmm. Where did you meet him?”

“He was my former boss at the office.” Folake decided to leave out the fraudulent phone call, it wasn’t necessary. “I got to preach to him, he came to church with me and became saved. I’ve been following him up since then.”

“I don’t understand, the church assigned you to him?”

“Er, no, he said he’d be more comfortable with me.” Hearing herself say those words, Folake realized how lame they sounded and she immediately became defensive.

“More comfortable with you?”

“It’s a personality thing. Why all these questions, Aunty Solape?”

Aunty Solape sighed. “I just had a terrible dream about you.” She paused, waiting for Folake’s reaction.

Folake waxed sarcastic. I had a terrible dream… why does that sound like Woli Halleluyah? Abeg oh, God does not send fear to his children. I am safe under the shadow of God’s wings.

“No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling.”

Aunty Solape knew better than to go against a disciple who was quoting scriptures at her. She had seen this happen many times before. This was how it went with Kayode, and this déjà vu was not at all pleasant. “Hmmm, amen.” She said. “did you read the scripture I sent to you?”

Folake rolled her eyes, all of a sudden impatient. “Yes ma, I did. Can we pick this up later?”

“Sure thing. Please be watchful, my dear. Remember what I always say, the Devil doesn’t take tea breaks. You know I love you.” When dealing with a child hurtling down a dangerous path, Aunty Solape had learned to be gentle. She had tried the shake them up, wake them up style before and it only got Kayode to close up, shut her off and send her a message a week before his wedding, to inform and invite her. Kayode was now in a psychiatric facility. In her home in Akure, Aunty Solape’s legs were shaking of their own volition. When she dropped the call, she sank to her knees.

“Father! Let the mask slip off and let the scales fall from her eyes. Please dear Lord, have mercy on Folake.”  

Folake rejoined Seun. She saw beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Are you hot?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, yeah. That was Mr. Ekweremadu calling to give you another task, right?”

Folake shook her head.

Beneath the surface, Seun was testy. He needed to know who she was on the phone with for three minutes.

“It was Aunty Solape.” Folake uttered.

“Oh, your spiritual mom, right?”

Folake smiled and nodded.

Another dangerous woman. I wonder what she has told Folake.

“Woman of power and fire, did she drop a word for me?”

Folake sniffed a chuckle and shook her head. “It was nothing much jare.”

Seun was skeptical. Nothing much, Folake said, but he could see that she was more guarded, that she had put more distance between them. Nothing much, but she wasn’t volunteering information like she used to. For three minutes, she was on the phone with that dangerous woman and now she was hiding what they discussed with ‘nothing much jare’. Seun couldn’t let one old woman somewhere use her reggae to spoil his blues. He deftly picked Folake’s phone from her bag, turned it off and tucked it safely under his belt.


Folake got home before she realized her phone was missing. She upturned her bag and searched every compartment of it. She retraced her movements mentally. After the call with Aunty Solape, she put the phone in her bag. She was sure of it. She paused to think again. Did she take out the phone on her way back home? No, she did not. Her doorbell rang. She glanced at the clock. 7:54PM. She frowned. She wasn’t expecting anyone.

Before she could gather her wits together, Seun let himself in.

“Seun,” She was surprised to see him.

Seun held up her phone as he approached her. “You forgot this at the park.”

Folake facepalmed. “My bad! I’m so clumsy these days. Thank you so much.”

“There are many ways to thank me,” Seun said with a smile that made Folake’s forehead crease.

Folake reached to take her phone from him, he dribbled her.

Folake let out a humorless chuckle. “Give me the phone na,”

“Stand up to collect it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Just stand up na.”

Folake stood up reluctantly. Seun stretched the phone to her, when she reached for it, he pulled it back and grabbed her with his other hand. He kissed her. Folake pulled back, stunned and breathless.

“Seun, please leave.”

He didn’t let go of her. “Don’t act like you don’t want it too. Stop all this pretense. You’ve been teasing me since. Wearing those blouses that show the imprint of your underwear, crossing your legs when you sit and today you were licking sweet, that was intentionally provocative.”

Folake pushed him away. “What nonsense are you saying. Please get out.”

Seun made to grab her, she slapped off his hand.

Alaye, behave jo.” Seun was starting to get pissed.

“Leave my house!” Folake shouted. It was the push to kickstart Seun’s fury spell.

Seun backhanded Folake. She landed on the sofa with a thump. He held her there with a hand, asphyxiating her as he did and with his other hand, he yanked off his belt in one fluid move.

Folake’s heart was in her throat. In one burst of blinding realization, she could see Seun as he really was.

“Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.” Was all she could mouth and to that Seun laughed a crude laughter that grated.

“Is that how you church girls moan?”

Folake’s body went cold. He was darkness. Cold, brutal darkness and she had walked right into his web of ominous lies, an easy prey.


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      Thanks but no thanks😭🚶🏾

      1. Wait, Sola Morris again? Asin hard copy?

          1. After months of fruitless search for your blog, I got it and was blessed as I read. Now warris this? Please is the novel out or what🥺?

    2. But you’ve posted Sola Morris previously

      1. Whatttt…..Goodness how far na…….. This is so not fair… There is God in everything we are doing oooo ….. anyways sha. More wisdom.

  3. Why na?😓 I had a whole testimonial epistle budding but since you’ve denied me of my episodes, I’m also going to hoard my epistle.
    Thanks but no thanks😭🚶🏾

  4. I hope Seen won’t have his way with her… God, have mercy on FK oooo….

    It is good to be vigilant always…
    Be on the edge.

  5. Goodness Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy na😩😪
    I can’t wait sha

  6. Wow!
    The devil can disguise! May we never fall into the traps of the evil one for our lives. FK !! If only she had paid heed to the counsel given her!

    Goodness please we can’t wait for the rest of the story. We are anticipating for the novel. God bless you for the story

    1. 😭😭😭😭😭
      God help us to always yield of holy spirit
      Brother Goodness God bless you so much

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