Short film reviews: Love is a Star is worth every second of your twelve minutes

It’s a beautiful thing when a movie has a sound plot and good message going for it. But it’s even more beautiful when the story and the message are not sitting apart like oil and water, when the message doesn’t come off as imposed on the story, when it simply plays out in the story. Such is the beauty Love is a Star proffers.

Love is a Star follows the story of Esther, a lady broken down by the scorn of a broken engagement to the point of attempting suicide. She survives her attempt on her life by a hairsbreadth and while she’s at the hospital she meets a doctor that’s as weird as he’s phenomenal. And her life is about to take a new turn.

This short film tells a love story in a way that’s unconventional and different. The dialogue is well ironed, leaving no crinkle, the plot is solid and in writing this, Laju Iren makes a point of her brilliant writing and good hang of scriptures. Another note worthy thing is the way the scriptural elements are creatively infused into the story so that it’s subtle and not unnecessarily peachy.

I just have to give props to the filmmaker for that snug advert placement. I hate to see shoddy adverts littered all over a movie.

Amanda Dara stars as Esther and Tomiwa Immanuel is the Doctor. They are both a delight to watch. While this is the first time I’m seeing Tomiwa Immanuel act, I recognize Amanda Dara as one of the corp members at the firm from Ebony Life’s legal drama series, Castle and Castle. I particularly love Tomiwa Immanuel’s nuances and Amanda’s show of emotions.

Cinematography and sound effects are good.

In all, Love is a Star is worth your time and data. You’ll love it. And now that Laju Iren’s films is a thing, we want more!

I’ve read her novel on Okada books, Loving Amanda and I also watched her videos 1 minute video entry for accelerate tv filmmaker’s competition. Laju Iren is a promising storyteller. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. click the link to watch Love is a Star


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