Goodness and Mirrors

One of the cruelest jokes nature has on us is imparting on us a beauty that is apparent to all eyes except ours.

Maybe the joke is not from nature,

Maybe the joke is from our eyes

Or the mirror we look into.

Yes, it’s the mirror.

Right from my childhood I’ve had a penchant for mirrors. I can hardly pass by one without yielding to the temptation of staring at me staring back at me.

I’ve looked in many mirrors, real and metaphorical. Distorted glasses of my fears, insecurities and past; of people’s opinion.

And you will think my love for mirrors is rooted in narcissism, but the toxic relationship I was in with myself is whole gist for another day.

So today I want to do you a favour by recommending the best mirror you could look in. I mean, I will know. I’ve had quite some experience with mirrors.

It is God’s word. You can trust what you see in it. You can trust what it says of you.

It might just interest you to know that I wrote this standing in front of my bathroom mirror. Don’t judge. 😂


  1. Oh yes!
    The word of God is the best mirror anyone can look into
    It reflects our true identity
    The more you look into it, the more your awareness about your identity.
    2Cor 3:18

  2. I’m beginning to understand the real meaning of the best recommended mirror in my life.
    Nice write up bro😎

  3. Lolllzzz, nice write up broh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Yh….The mirror of God’s word is the only way we can see accurately and be transformed from inside-out

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