Kate wore her sense of humor like a balsamic perfume. You would most likely meet Kate’s jokes before you meet her person.
That day while I sipped on the chilled malt she served and rattled on about my experience the previous day in a danfo, she stopped me with a straight sentence. When she told me without batting a lid that she wanted us to fornicate, I took it as a joke.
It had to be, right? I mean, she knew I was the Sunday school superintendent, she couldn’t possibly expect that I had visited her for sex. She knew my stand on sexual purity, we had been friends for a while. It just had to be a joke.
So, defying my instincts I leaned back and laughed at this wry joke from funny Kate.
Oh well, I’m not about to state the obvious 😂. What’s the lesson here for us?
Usually when evil (read, sin) comes knocking at the door, it’s not very probable for it to say in response to your ‘who’s there?’ that, ‘Hey, it’s evil. I’m about to enter your life so open up’
No. It would likely take on a subtler approach, say a thing like, ‘Hey there, I’m stuck in the rain out here, please could you let me in for a short while pending the time the rain would subside.’
This reminds me of that creepy, suited psycho with a brief case in Bird Box, remember him? *shudders
When you peer through the peephole and you think this stranger sort of looks like evil, don’t wait to find out. Run.
This is where we trip over ourselves often times as believers. We want sin to come off as pitch-black before we take it seriously. You see the Bible didn’t tell us to flee evil, it told us to flee every appearance of evil. That means we are to shrink back from anything we perceive has the potential of being evil. When the Holy Spirit nudges you to leave a situation that might lead to sin, mbok, leave.

If Joseph had waited for Potiphar’s wife to start kissing him before he took to his heels, she would have had more to grab than his garment.

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